The Magento Platform supports businesses with $10M+ revenues. Can yours join this club?

Magento powers exceptional businesses. With proper tuning, we'll transform your site into a revenue-enhancing powerhouse.

You’ve chosen the right e-commerce platform. You’ve got great products. Now you just need "Magento Profits"!

Magento Profits is a service we've designed based on six years of working closely with Magento-based companies. 

It's simple: We’ll find the issues that are costing your Magento site the most money and fix the top 3, per month. You’ll start making more money, guaranteed.

There are many Magento service providers out there. We are the only one offering a flat-rate service, monthly service that fixes the problems that are costing you the most money.




We begin with a comprehensive site audit. We’ll look for code, design, and content issues that could:


  • Contribute to high bounce rate or customer frustration
  • Cause poor search engine rankings
  • Reduce your conversion rate or cause cart abandonments


We’ll dig into your site metrics, configuration, and custom code to find any lurking problems that are contributing to lost revenue.



Implementing everything in this audit alone will add thousands to your revenue. However, the next step is where we implement fixes to the 3 most expensive problems we discover in your audit, per month. We do this for you so you don’t have to pull developers off other projects or set up a whole new project with outside consultants.

These fixes could include any of the following:

1. Reduce Bounce Rate

2. Increase Site Traffic

  • Fix search engine rank problems with SEO changes
  • Convince users to stick around and spend more by setting up headline and tagline tests
  • Reduce user frustration by fixing content readability or usability issues
  • Optimize key pages to get more sales
  • Implement user reviews to attract more search traffic

3. Increase Sales and Conversions

  • Get more sales with improved calls to action
  • Increase sales by fixing trust killers and adding new trust signals
  • Increase successful checkouts by removing friction from your cart design or checkout flow
  • Increase customer confidence by making it easier to contact you
  • Implement abandoned cart followup to re-capture potentially lost customers


If you implemented everything on the list above, you would have a highly optimized Magento site. But if this service is right for you, you don’t have time to. You need a thorough diagnostic (our audit provides that) and some emergency care to stop the bleeding (we’ll fix the 3 problems that are bleeding the most money). And you need these result fast. We’ve dialed in our processes to deliver that.

Magento Profits is $2,999 per month.

We’ll fix the top 3 issues that are costing you the most money, per month.

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How does this work out in reality for other customers?

It works out very well! Specifics may vary, but numbers like the following are typical:

  • Conversion Rate: 140% improvement
  • Average Order Value: 47% improvement
  • Revenue: 32% improvement

This sounds awesome but is it really worth $2,999 per month?

If you’re doing everything right already, this service pays for itself after 3 months (assuming gross annual revenue is $500,000). However, if you’re like most ecommerce stores, you are going to experience a tremendous return on investment almost immediately…some folks have reported payoff within 4 weeks.

Who is Sellry anyway?

We're a fun buncha folks.


Michael, CEO

Twelve years in e-commerce means Michael “gets” the growing pains merchants feel. Michael’s enthusiastic drive to help clients achieve infects the team. When he’s not typing, Michael enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, and pondering whether we're all brains in a vat.


Courtney, DevOps

He has a penchant for terms like “high availability”, but we pretend we know what Courtney means. To compensate for his geekdom, Courtney volunteers as a firefighter but secretly manages to have a faster internet connection than everybody except Ajay.


Dillon, Accts Director

He’s a master communicator with six years in logistics; Dillon is good at seeing both sides of the issues as well as untangling them. When he’s not helping clients find the most direct path forward, Dillon likes reading, whitewater rafting, and ultimate Frisbee. And arguing with Michael.


Nik, Magento Dev

A Magento Certified Plus engineer, Nik prides himself on graduating university with honors then being expelled from post grad because he took all his time building a social network. He loves solving weird bugs and playing video games. Every now and then threatens to quit and go start a game studio, but we think he’s bluffing.


Ajay, Project Director

Optimistic yet level-headed, Ajay brings a stable, relational approach to Sellry projects. It helps to have a steel trap mind that breaks down technical conundrums faster than you can say “conundrum”. Aside from work, Ajay enjoys airsoft, traveling to Japan and time with family and friends.


Dmitry, Magento Dev

Dmitry says he is a lazy person because he only wants to have to code something once. Also a Magento Certified Plus engineer, he does half his work from the beaches of Thailand, where he insists it’s the local internet’s fault that he can’t join meetings, but he’s probably just staying focused.


Sergey, Technical PM

With a background in management and sales, a knack for communication and dogged self discipline, Sergey is the consummate technical professional. When he’s not interfacing between client and developer, you can find Sergey free diving, reading a book, or getting swole at the gym.


Alex, Magento Dev

Two truths and a lie about Alex: a) he has Magento Certified Plus certification, b) wins our “cleanest code” award even for languages he doesn’t know and c) he has an advanced degree in virtual reality / augmented reality programming. Oops, sorry! They’re all true!

Will this go horribly wrong?

No, it won’t. We have 7 years and over 25,000 hours of developer time working with Magento. We’re good at handling complex sites. We use source control and a staging site to make all changes document, reversible, and fully approved by you before changes go live.

How do I know if this is not right for me?

If you’re not at $350,000 in gross annual revenue, you should look at smaller improvements.

If what you really want is a custom Magento consultation, this service will frustrate you with the speed and inability to iterate. But if you need a custom consultation, just let us know, we can happily accommodate that.

If, during the site audit we discover that we can’t create the improvement you need, we’ll stop work and return 100% of your money.

My staff have been optimizing the site for years now. How are you able to do better than that?

Your staff probably also has a long list of goals and objectives that are as or more important than this. We’re focused on one thing: helping you make more money with your Magento site.

Our team has logged over 25,000 hours of development time on the Magento platform. I’m confident we can help you make more money with your Magento site.






Michael Bower // CEO
S E L L R Y // c o m m e r c e
866.8.SELLRY // @sellrycommerce

Magento Profits is $2,999 per month.

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